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Sedona / Dead Sea / Seaweed


Massaged into the skin can help Soothe, Heal, and Cleanse the body during a massage treatment.. Muds Masques are formulated with high quality of ingredients rich in nutrients and antioxidants and work to detoxify and hydrate skin. Muds also help to heal dry, aged and undernourished skin and provide anti-inflammatory benefits to help alleviate aches and pains. Some of the Mud’s healing properties penetrate into the skin to remove impurities and toxins, leaving the skin rejuvenated and renewed!  For more information please give us a call we would love to talk Mud’s with you! Please visit

We have a great special running for the Month of August. So shop now for your discounts on our features Mud’s. Sale ends August 15th. We also recommend our towel warmers, we are offering Free shipping. They are great for removing our Mud masques wet towels will remove all product. Here is a link check it out!

Salon and Spa Equipment Wholesale

Dry Brushing!

Has anyone ever tried dry brushing? Does anyone know the benefits?
1. Drastically reduces–the appearance of cellulite. This is an important element of detoxifying the body. Cellulite is actually composed of toxic fat buildup that results in the wrinkling of the skin. Brushing dry skin is believed to tighten the epidermis and contribute to the breakup of this toxic material. This is much more economical and convenient than liposuction therapy.
2. Another benefit one can expect is the removal of dead skin cells. Advantages that this brings extend beyond the obvious one of removing dry, dead skin that looks dull. When dead cells are exfoliated, new cells form more quickly. Skin not only looks healthier, it actually becomes healthier as dead skin is removed from clogged pores.
3. Blood flow increases to the skin following dry brushing, and the normal process of releasing toxins through perspiration is improved. Proper exercise, spicy foods, and breathing techniques also help promote normal circulation.
4. Another advantage by skin brushing is the stimulation of the nervous system. Stimulated nerves activate muscle fibers and improve muscle tone. This is particularly beneficial to people who have lost weight and are looking to tighten up sagging skin.
5. One of the most important benefits of skin brushing is the supposed effect it has on the lymphatic system. This is of profound significance to the immune system.
6. A huge benefit of skin brushing is a drastic improvement in the appearance of the skin itself! Eliminating dead skin and unclogging pores results in a very noticeable improvement. The appearance of the skin also improves as new cells form more quickly, and the skin takes on a smooth luster that is noticeably brighter than the dull appearance of old, dry, and often wrinkled skin.

New Website

We have not been on our WordPress it’s been a while. We are still happy to say as the owner and operator of The Spa Exchange® we are happy to continue to serve and provide services to all our customers.
We have a New website and links to our social media. Now you can shop from Facebook, Tweeter tweets! and Pin on Pintrest! Although we are still fine tuning our website let me just say it’s been a terrific experience and a challenge to say the least! I guess in life one foot in front of the other.. Please visit our website and all other social media let us know how we can serve you! Thank you all for your support.

Best regards,

Maria Mucino-Wright

What is in a Name?


In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare implied that names were maybe not so important. A rose would still have the same lovely scent. They could do without the Montague and the Capulet nomenclatures. Although in present-tense the fact that most of us are all in computer databases with first and last names and it would probably mess up the order of the world if we were all to give up our last names, it wasn’t always necessary to have last names. Those of us with more than one middle name really mess up this way that computers try to organize us. Some of us are perhaps slightly offended and possibly rebellious against such compartmentalized organization on the part of computerized systems un-thoughtfully designed with preconceived ideas about how people should be named. Traditionally, Native Americans acquired several different names throughout the course of a lifetime. The modern systems of this world are just not equipped for such creative flow.

Surnames have become necessary. The use of surnames is thought to have originated in Europe around the 12th century. But are they really necessary? Up until a few hundred years ago, there were still people who didn’t carry last names. Our first names were enough. In Japan, before the Meiji period (19th century), where common people had no family names, the government ordered all to have surnames. Ashkenazi Jews did not acquire surnames until the 17th or 18th century. Although surnames began as a way to identify armored warriors in tournaments, they were later required by Christian religions, governments and bureaucratic record keepers. Most surnames are either patronymic (involving something about the father’s name) or toponymic (relating to local geography). However, before  2140 BCE, Chinese began using surnames and clan names. Chinese surnames were matrinymic, as it was during a time when recognition was given to the mother and not the father. Some people have acquired their surnames because of the family trade. In the United States, African slaves in America were given the last names of their slavemasters. Some people in Mexico, Central America and South America are known to have been given the names of the priests who baptized them. There are Latino people who use more than one last name who have the same problem of fitting correctly into such computer forms. Foundlings have been said to have been given whimsically applied last names, just for the sake of having a “family name”

Some people rebel against names and change them. Some names are changed for vanity, safety, love, longer life, religion, and other reasons. Sometimes people just change their name because they think it sounds better. Except for a few cultures, it used to be that the only time a name was changed it was because of a government or because of an error when entering a new country. We no longer have to feel held captive by a name we don’t like.

The Spa Exchange is about providing products that make people more comfortable and relaxed. We want people to feel good.

We have a question that will help resolve something for our New Years Resolution.

Originally, The Spa Exchange created a special program for our customers to sign up for so they can automatically save 10% off all orders. We called this our Preferred Customer Program. Eventually, someone with a great business mind came along and said we should call them VIP Customers. Well that sounded great, too! Now people can see on our web site that it’s possible to be a VIP Customer! Guess what? VIP Customers are really Preferred Customers? 🙂

People change their names because of what it does for them, not what it does for others. This industry we’re in is all about pampering. Because we want our customers to feel their best, we want to know: when you are at our web site, buying disposables, supplies for waxing, massage, aesthetics, tanning machines, spa furniture, SpaRitual products or whatever you get from us, what would you rather be called? Thank you in advance for your answer.

Preferred Customer or VIP Customer? That is the question.

We will appreciate if you please visit us at facebook, like us and let us know.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Holidays From The Spa Exchange

Brrr! Happy December!

It is not as if winter is here in full force. In fact, it has been relatively mild temperatures for this area of the country… however; I keep my visions of snowflakes dancing around in my head. (I never got that sugarplum thingie.)

A funny thing in my business: sometimes I talk with people, calling to see if we can conveniently help our customers to make sure not to miss out on good deals from The Spa Exchange®. Sometimes in turn,  they offer me a good deal. The other day it was a hot stone massage. I thought that guy must be reading my mind (or this blog). What is so funny about that? He was over 200 miles away. Not quite as relaxing as it sounds, considering all that driving involved. It is the thought that counts, yes? Of course it is!

As it gets colder, my mind goes wandering to a product I wonder how many people know about. Table warmers for massage tables are on my mind right now. How many massage therapists know about them? They are not just for winter. Table warmers are also especially good in places where air conditioning is used. Our Premium Fleece Table Warmer, Product #1154 is luxuriously comfortable enough to have on a premium table with high quality table dressings and sheets, easy to carry along with a portable table and pleasing to massage clientele. One of the best things is the digital hand control that allows the client to select the temperature that is exactly right for them. It goes so well with hot stones and all otheer massage modalities.

Do you need some stones? We have a variety of stone sets for you to choose from on our web site at

Meanwhile, we have so much on sale! We have a brand new special with free shipping on orders of 4 or more Beauty-Pro Towel warmers. To help the world be a smoother place with body and facial waxing, this month we offer 15% off on all sundries (disposables), 10% off all our Amber, Epillys and Satin Smooth waxing products, and of course, we always have more specials for you to shop at the bottom of our home page.

We at The Spa Exchange® wish you all safe and Happy Holidays.


Welcome to Biotone Professional Massage & Spa Therapy Products

The Spa Exchange is delighted to announce our new relationship with Biotone Professional Massage & Spa Therapy Products. Beginning in September 2012, we will be selling the product line preferred by Massage Therapists.

Who doesn’t like a great massage? Professional massages are on my Top 10 list of Necessary Extras. One per week seems to be the common deal for many people who get massages, but I’d rather be getting at least two or three a week like it used to be in the days of my fond memories. In this economy, it’s a challenge for many of us to get our “necessary extras”, so when we are able to indulge in a nice healthy massage, we should be able to have the best. Most Massage Therapy Professionals know Biotone offers the best products to provide an abundant variety of products to please so many preferences.

No doubt, massages are good for our health. Biotone offers a variety of product choices that raise the organic line, Pure Touch Organics, for all modalities and contains no nut oils, (Those of you who know people with nut allergies know how GREAT that is). With so many chemically sensitive people out there who also need to relax and be healthy, this is superb!

With so many choices that Biotone offers, whether it’s the Organic, True Balance Massage Gel, Advanced Therapy, Anti-Oxidant Rich Healthy Benefits or something else from the numerous choices Biotone provides, it’s a winning product line and we happily welcome these products to The Spa Exchange where we continue striving to provide the best for our customers.

Make it a great day